Adventures in Colorado

Updated 4/19/15 – I started this blog entry back in February (yeeeeep that’s rough, I know) with a couple paragraphs detailing our trip day-by-day but honestly it takes me forever to type and collect my thoughts. If that is the case, then WHY the heck am I sitting on words when I can let my photographs speak for me? How about I just allow myself to stick to something I am actually good at, right? 🙂

Original post – Fair warning, long blog ahead filled with photos of Colorado’s glorious landscapes. The following entry is about an event (and a certain man) that I hold very close to my heart. Part of the reason for sharing is that I absolutely fell in love with this state, so much that I really want to share my time there with you. Another large part is that this is where Michael proposed!

Almost 8 months ago, Michael planned a trip for us to Colorado, a state I’ve always wanted to visit and set up there with wondrous expectations, thanks to his stories about his trips out there. He literally planned the whole thing and while I had my suspicions that it might happen on this trip, I was pretty distracted, what with the excitement of actually BEING in Colorado. Not to mention, I sincerely believed that I chose the activities we would be doing (ha, little did I know).

Anyway a “brief” breakdown of our time in CO before photos:

  1. Day 1: Arrive in Denver, CO and spend the first day with Renae (one of our amazing hosts)! The first day at-altitudecomprised of the following:
    1. Eat at SNOOZE*
    2. Visit the largest REI in the USA
    3. Hike around Red Rocks Amphitheater
    4. Take a HIIT class at Estee Zakar’s studio
  2. Day 2: walk around Garden of the Gods, drive up Pikes Peak, find and crash at our second host, Lauren’s, new home! Such a beautiful home.
  3. Day 3: Hike Devil’s Head Fire Lookout. GET PROPOSED TO. I accepted…of course hehe
  4. Day 4: White water rafting at Brown’s Canyon (where we got rain, thunder, and lightning, NBD) and staying at the CUTEST little “cottage” hotel room in Buena Vista.
  5. Day 5: Hike Lake Ptarmigan. It literally sat high up on the mountain-side. Such a breathtaking view for a rewarding hike!
  6. Day 6: Drive and walk through Breckinridge, CO. Make our way slowly to Boulder, CO.
  7. Day 7: Hike a 14-er!! Mount Bierstadt, to be precise. Elevation: 14,065′ (4,287 m). My very first conquered mountain 🙂 As we descended and left the top, we got not only rain, thunder, and lightning, but hail too. Traveled back to Denver that night as well (phew long day!). That night, as a reward, we ate at a place called Uncle – let me tell you…phenomenal ramen there.

Onto the photos!!!

Day 1:

Day 2:
colorado2colorado3Yes I attempted to climb and even “carry” the Balancing Rock.web-colorado-4web-colorado-5(his name’s George)

web-colorado-6web-colorado-8web-colorado-9web-colorado-11Day 3: Devil’s Head Fire Lookout hike 🙂

Made it to the very tippy top!
web-colorado-15web-colorado-16web-colorado-17Our very last photo together as girlfriend and boyfriend:
web-colorado-18web-colorado-19web-colorado-22web-colorado-25web-colorado-26Day 4:

web-colorado-27web-colorado-28Day 5:
web-colorado-30web-colorado-32web-colorado-35web-colorado-39web-colorado-40web-colorado-42web-colorado-43web-colorado-45Day 6:

Day 7: THE BIG MOUNTAIN (these are all basically photographs from our phones. I opted not to bring my DSLR. After getting rain, thunder, and hail, I’d say it was a great call to leave it behind. That and holy altitude.

After we flew back home, we went to give the happy news to my family 🙂

Snooze An A.M. Eatery Renae picked us up (bless her sweet heart) and our first adventure was this breakfast joint. My GOD, they served us the most amazingly delectable, to DIE for, fireworks-bursting-in-your-mouth pancakes, ON THE HOUSE. It was, by far, the best breakfast restaurant I’ve had the pleasure of dining at. Of course, there is no evidence of its existence in my life because I was much too preoccupied with stuffing my face to snap a photo. My stomach will be setting foot into a Snooze eatery one day again, mark my words.

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