Acro-Yoga Adventures

Not sure where I’m finding the time to blog two weeks in a row with only ~30 days to go until wedding day (eeks!) but I have one more fun thing to share before this year is over! And I’ll be honest, this is probably going to be the last post of the year, as this month has been a whirlwind so far and November is definitely going to be the same. But don’t worry, it’s a great post to end on! That is, if anyone is reading this, haha!

Why is it going to be great? Because it all about yoga and features my SISTER! And her ever-faithful base and longtime boyfriend, Walt 🙂


My sister and I are very unlike in personality, even while growing up. She had her friends, I had mine. I played violin, she played clarinet. We started out at different colleges, then she transferred to my university (so we briefly started having friends in common), and then she left for DPT school. So in short, we were very different people but with a firm bond in family. Gradually, as we got older, we grew closer with our mutual love of flow vinyasa, photography, and cooking. All in all, I love “getting to know” my sister again, as grown-ups! Once Diana started taking yoga a couple years ago (not sure when exactly), I began dropping into her studio and taking classes with her whenever I was in town visiting. I really enjoyed hot yoga when I was first introduced back in 2010 but lost sight of it when I began to focus on running. It wasn’t until I started dropping into class with her that I remembered how much I enjoyed it. I have Diana to thank for bringing it all back for me. I absolutely love having this newfound (not so new anymore ha!) connection with her and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

acroyo-10     acroyo-16     acroyo-6     acroyo-17

And I am incredibly proud of her for going for her dreams, becoming a yoga instructor. She JUST finished her 200-hr training and is officially a yoga instructor! So this post is sort of to brag about her accomplishment and to capture a brief moment of her and Walt’s ever-growing acro-skills. Hehe! I was SO happy to get to spend some quality time with them and Michael. It was basically a double-date outdoor adventure shoot, the stuff of epic proportions (cue dramatic music). Just kidding. Kinda. We met up at Great Falls, Maryland side, and slowly made our way to the falls via the canal towpath. Ah, hello dear, you’re always a thunderously beautiful sight to see.








acroyo-18     acroyo-9     acroyo-14     acroyo-12

Hehe I love the inbetween moments like the second photo above. I like acro-yoga for not only the physical challenges that come with it but also the mental strength you need in your PARTNER for it to work. The trust and open communication the flyer and base needs with each other has to be built on a strong foundation so you can perform even the most basic sequence of transitions into poses. It takes a lot of concentration, strength, and trust.

And I leave you with 2 other random photos I took during the shoot, the falls and a spider Michael found. haha

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