Spring Updates – Family

Between going up and down MD and VA for family events and my 8-week yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga that started at the end of February, this past spring has been a mix of fun and busy and a whole lot of traveling! But I couldn’t be happier because along the way, I took time to capture some of our memories together. I’ve always been torn about being fully present versus being a face behind the lens. It’s definitely been a balancing act between the two so more often than not, I opt to leave my camera behind when I visit family. Recently though, I realized that while I still want to be fully present all the time, I also want and need to capture my dear families too. The same that I do for my clients. I want our future generations to be able to look back on these photos and say “grandma, is that you and grandpa?” or “Ma, is that papa when he was younger?”. The most immeasurable thing I could ever do for my families is to give these treasured memories to keep.

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