Beautiful Outdoor Elopements at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

A groom in a black suit helps his bride walk through a garden holding her colorful bouquet by a wooden bench and pergola

There are few things as romantic and magical as a garden wedding. Here in the DC area, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens provides a beautiful, quaint environment for a memorable wedding. Whether you’re planning something grand or even something small and intimate, this beautiful venue could be the perfect fit for your garden wedding. 

About Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

In 1935, economist Gardiner Means and social historian Caroline Ware bought a 74-acre farm just outside of Washington DC, in Piedmont. While working in Washington’s political and academic scene, they grew to love bucolic farm life. But soon they found growing suburbs moving in around them. They reimagined their farm as a public park. So in 1980, they entrusted their beloved farm to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority with instructions to use it as a public garden. 

With an additional purchase of a neighboring parcel of land, the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens now spans over 95 acres of natural land. The Atrium, a beautiful events facility, was opened in 1998 and quickly became a premier space for hosting garden events. Today, the park features lakes, trails, beautiful ornamental gardens, gazebos, and an acclaimed visitor center. 

Newlyweds stand under a gazebo holding hands during their wedding ceremony smiling at each other

Details of the Grounds

While Meadowlark Botanical Gardens has the capacity to host weddings for well over 200 guests, I find it to be a very special place for intimate elopements and Micro Weddings. 

For your ceremony, you can say “I do” in one of several spaces throughout the garden. Three beautiful gazebos nestled within the grounds are perfect for a small vow exchange. The most popular is the Lake Caroline Gazebo, located at the end of a dock that extends into the midst of Lake Caroline. With panoramic views of the water and the surrounding gardens, it’s a wonderfully romantic setting for a ceremony. 

The Lilac Pavilion is a quiet, intimate space in a clearing surrounded by tall, vibrant lilac trees. If you time your wedding just right, you’ll have the most fragrant ceremony imaginable. Another ceremony option is in the Korean Bell Garden, a gorgeous Asian-inspired backdrop for a truly unique vow exchange. 

Even a small, cozy wedding deserves to be celebrated! Should you choose to host a reception at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, the Atrium is their crown jewel. This glass-walled event space features a gorgeous cathedral ceiling and a large terrace that overlooks the gardens. Even though it can accommodate up to 230 guests, it’s also a grand space for a more intimate dinner party.

Newlyweds sit on a wooden bench smiling at each other at their meadowlark botanical gardens wedding

Photography Opportunities

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens offers endless photo opportunities, most of which feature their outstanding gardens and grounds. From colorful cherry trees and shady fern fronds to vibrant tulips and cheerful daylilies, every season brings something new and beautiful to use in your wedding photos. We can take advantage of features like serene koi ponds, magnificent trees, as well as the calm water of Lake Caroline. If you’re dreaming of romantic, garden-heavy wedding photos, then there’s no place quite like Meadowlark. 

Newlyweds embrace while standing on a wooden bridge in meadowlark botanical gardens after their wedding ceremony

Wedding Details

When you have your wedding at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, you’ll receive access to amenities like a private bridal suite, an outdoor terrace, and an indoor stream and fountain. Great Blue Heron Catering exclusively caters for every event. They prepare a customized menu for your unique event. So reach out to their events team to start brainstorming all the ways they can help bring your beautiful, small wedding to life at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens! 

Newlyweds pop Champagne while standing in a patio at meadowlark botanical gardens with their wedding party cheering behind them

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

A wedding at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is a whimsical, romantic, and colorful occasion. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens in the area, you and your partner can embark on this beautiful new chapter of your love story together. 

I’d love to be the one to help you photograph every moment and detail of your beautiful day. So, let’s connect! Reach out today to chat about your dream wedding photos!

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