Explore the Best Northern Virginia Preschools for Your Child

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Preschool is such an exciting time for your child. This is the stage where they’re starting to gain independence and develop friendships that will last for years. It’s also when they will find their individual learning style. Where they go to preschool will help them fall in love with the classroom and make them eager to learn more. If you’re on the search for the best center for your child, I would love to tell you about several Northern Virginia preschools so you can see if any will be the perfect match! 

Find The Learning Center That Best Fits Your Little One With These Northern Virginia Preschools

Falls Church Preschool and Daycare

105 N. Virginia Ave, Suite 106, Falls Church, Virginia 22046

Falls Church Preschool and Daycare is a Northern Virginia center that focuses on classical European education in its curriculum. The preschool program begins at the age of 3 and encourages children to become independent thinkers. The classrooms provide a predictable routine designed to help every child thrive. There are also plenty of open-ended activities to grow your child’s imagination. 

St. George’s Preschool

4910 Ox Rd, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 

St. George’s Preschool is an award-winning preschool that prioritizes your Northern Virginia child’s academic and social development. They work hard to make sure your child feels celebrated each time they walk through the door. They encourage your child’s imagination by creating a stimulating environment. Their programs begin for children as young as 2.5. 

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Hunters Woods Cooperative Preschool

11550 Glade Drive, Reston, Virginia 20191

Hunters Woods Cooperative Preschool is located on the second floor of the Reston Association Glade Room and has spent the past 50 years molding young minds. The center seeks to get kids out in nature by letting them spend plenty of time outdoors. Your child will get to explore natural elements while learning all about the world around them. When your child is 2-3, you are invited to attend alongside your child and help them through their day. 

Spring-Mar Cooperative Preschool

10125 Lakehaven Court, Burke, Virginia 22015

Spring-Mar Cooperative Preschool believes that Northern Virginia kids learn best when they don’t even realize they’re learning. The center is built in a woodland area and gives your child a gorgeous yard where they can explore, plant flowers, and watch the birds at the certified bird sanctuary. Parents have a hands-on role in the classroom, taking turns helping teachers and kids through their day. 

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Little Acorn Patch

5801 Castlewellan Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22315

Little Acorn Patch is an independent preschool with two locations in the state. The curriculum has been created to grow your child’s emotional, social, and academic development. Your child’s day will involve additional activities, including fitness, music, and foreign languages. Their programs have been developed for kids as young as 12 months.

If You Love Any Northern Virginia Preschools I Missed, Please Let Me Know!

The right preschool will get your child excited to learn every day. Check out these Northern Virginia preschools today so you can decide if they’re right for your child! 

Are you looking for more local recommendations? Then I would love it if you stuck around! I’m a Northern Virginia photographer and a mom myself. I know all about how busy this stage of life can be, and I love working with parents to slow it down. I can also provide photo sessions that let you freeze these years so you can hang onto them forever. Want to learn more? Contact me today so we can chat!

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