Rebuild Strength With Pelvic Floor Therapy in Northern Virginia

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Following your delivery, you and your baby receive lots of care to ensure you’re both on the road to recovery. You attend regular check-ups and complete questionnaires on your mental health. While all of this is exceptionally important, one aspect that might get ignored is your pelvic floor. Contrary to what people have believed for years, you don’t have to deal with a lifetime of leakage following your birth. By working with a pelvic floor therapist, you can rebuild strength to prevent pain, incontinence, and other postpartum symptoms. Here are the best practices for pelvic floor physical therapy in Northern Virginia.

Take Control Of Your Body With Some Rewarding Pelvic Floor Therapy In Northern Virginia 

Transition Physical Therapy

8245 Boone Blvd, Suite #630, Vienna, Virginia 22182

Transition Physical Therapy strives to be a safe space where you can work one-on-one with a Northern Virginia expert on your pelvic floor. Rather than giving you a copy-and-paste formula, they will create an individualized plan that gives you results. It doesn’t matter if you delivered in the last month or the last decade. They will work with you to help you find relief. 

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy

46169 Westlake Drive, Suite 120, Sterling, Virginia 20165

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy offers specialty Northern Virginia services that will help you with your unique pelvic floor circumstances. They can assist with sports injuries, the postpartum stage, or general everyday life. Their client base includes people of all ages and genders. 

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PhysioCore is a practice that’s doing things a little differently. Led by physical therapist Jamie Bennett, this center will meet with you wherever you feel most comfortable. From home visits to one-on-one gym training, they offer a flexible approach to your appointments so you don’t have to wait to find relief.

District Pelvic Health

4141 N Henderson Dr, Plaza Suite 5, Arlington, Virginia 22203

District Pelvic Health offers both pilates and physical therapy to help you rebuild your strength in Northern Virginia. They provide prenatal and postpartum assistance as well as physical therapy for orthopedic conditions. During the first 12 weeks postpartum, they can also offer in-home appointments.

A happy new mother smiles down at her sleeping newborn baby in her hands while sitting on a bed in a window before some pelvic floor therapy northern virginia

Indigo Physiotherapy

2987 District Ave, Suite 140, Fairfax, Virginia 22031

Indigo Physiotherapy offers locations around the area where you can receive personalized assistance. They offer a client concierge team that can tell you what to expect from your appointments and ensure this is the space for you. The center provides pelvic floor physical therapy, dry needling, massage therapy, and telehealth postpartum care. 

Core Elements Physical Therapy

4830 31st Street South, Suite B, Arlington, Virginia 22206

Core Elements Physical Therapy is a practice opened by Dr. Rachel Aronson, a provider with a decade of experience. Dr. Rachel will help you at any point in your postpartum journey. Before you begin, she will sit down with you and get to know you so she can tailor her services to your needs.

You Will Love The Benefits After Building Back With Pelvic Floor Therapy In Northern Virginia

You deserve to live life without the fear of leakage or pain! With pelvic floor therapy in Northern Virginia, you can find assistance that works for you. 

Are you looking for more guidance throughout the postpartum stage? Then I would love it if you stuck around! Not only am I here to provide you with helpful recommendations, but I can also work with you so you can freeze this time forever. If you have been considering booking portraits to celebrate your growing family, let’s have a conversation so I can tell you more about my sessions. Contact me today to find out more!

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