Discover Fun New Things To Do in McLean for the Whole Family

A mom and dad put a bear coat on their young toddler daughter sitting on a blanket in a park during things to do in mclean

You know those days when you just have to get out of the house but you have no idea where to go? Where the clutter is building up, the noises are overstimulating, and you feel like you have to be anywhere but home? As parents, we all go through those moments that are simply overwhelming. These are the days I love to pack up the kids, grab a snack or two, and take in a change of scenery. If you want some family-friendly things to do in McLean, I would love to give you my list. With all these spots, you can turn a case of restlessness into a day your whole family will never forget. 

Your Family Will Love These Exciting Things To Do In Mclean

Clemyjontri Park

6317 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia 22101

Clemyjontri Park is my go-to recommendation for families with young kids. No matter what your child loves, I am positive this spot is going to have the thing for them! There’s a trackless train that travels throughout the area, as well as a full carousel with 14 vintage-inspired horses. The playground is easily accessible for kids over the age of 2. Plus, there’s a swing designed specifically for children in wheelchairs. 

A mother in a purple dress kisses the cheek of her infant daughter in a park

Lewinsville Park

1561 Mary Ellen Ct., McLean, Virginia 22101

Lewinsville Park is a great place to head out and get fresh air. The area has sports courts, trails, and fields where you can run around. Every year, the park serves as a site for McLean Day. During this May celebration, you will find food trucks, rides, carnival games, and live performances. The rest of the year, the park remains a premium space where your family can go out and spend a day in the sun. 

American Girl Store 

7901 Tysons One Place, McLean, Virginia 22102

Valerie Tripp and her crew spent years shaping our generation’s childhood, and now, it’s time to pass on the tradition. The American Girl Store is a place where your child can come pick out their perfect trademark doll. Even if you aren’t planning on adding to their collection, the shop offers dining, tea parties, special activities, and salon services. It’s the ideal way to spend a girls’ day. 

A young toddler girl stands on a blanket in a park in a dress with help from mom and dad during things to do in mclean

Disney Encanto x CAMP 

7866L Tysons Corner Center, Tysons, Virginia 22102

Encanto took over the hearts of families everywhere last year, and now, you can dive back in with an immersive experience. The camp lets you step into the house of La Familia Madrigal and see all the magic that sets this family apart. You can explore Antonio’s Rainforest or Luisa’s happy place. Afterward, you can buy goods from merchants and learn all about the village. The experience takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes, making it a fantastic option for all ages.

I Hope You Just Found Your Next Adventures With These Things To Do In Mclean

With these things to do in McLean, you’ll have the perfect place to go the next time you’re feeling restless. Check them out today so you can make some memories with the people you love.

Looking for more ways to connect with your family? Then, I would love to have a conversation! I’m a Northern Virginia photographer, and I got into the business after realizing how quickly these years fly by. I would love to work with your family and plan a photo session so you can hang onto this time forever. Contact me today so we can chat!

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