Breastfeeding Struggles? Thrive Breastfeeding Can Help!

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While breastfeeding is supposed to come naturally, there are tons of barriers new parents experience that can make the whole ordeal feel overwhelming. Most new parents, at some point or other, struggle to breastfeed. From clogged ducts to poor latch, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, and it’s difficult to figure out how to resolve them by yourself. If you’re in the Northern Virginia area and are struggling to figure out breastfeeding, I would love to introduce you to Amy at Thrive Breastfeeding. Amy is here to ensure you have compassionate help for all your nursing needs! 

About Thrive Breastfeeding

Amy of Thrive Breastfeeding is an international board-certified lactation consultant who got into the business shortly after having children of her own. While Amy initially felt as though she didn’t need special training to figure out breastfeeding, she quickly found out all the ways nursing could go wrong. By the time she became pregnant with her third baby, she decided to study everything she could. So she could feel empowered for the next round. After completing over 500 clinical hours through Sibley Memorial Hospital, she started helping other new parents so they could have the assistance she desperately needed with her first two babies.

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Thrive Breastfeeding offers one-on-one breastfeeding consultations from the comfort of your own home. She provides assistance for a wide range of common breastfeeding issues, including painful breastfeeding, bottle refusal, thrush, engorgement, low milk supply, oversupply, and mastitis. When she arrives at your house, she’ll immediately get to work understanding the source of your problems. She’ll go over your health history, ask about feeding patterns, and look at your positioning. The ability to conduct these appointments in your home lets you show her exactly what feedings look like for your family. She’ll offer tips and suggestions before giving you a realistic plan to solve your feeding issues. 

Amy’s primary goal is to offer you support no matter what. She’ll help you with the weaning process, work with you to fit flanges for your breast pump, teach you how to store extra milk, help you resolve bottle refusal, and teach your partner how to handle feedings. 

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While Thrive Breastfeeding might have built a reputation for her emergency services, she’s also there to prepare you for your delivery. Throughout your pregnancy, you can book an appointment with her to figure out what to expect during those early feedings. She’ll give you realistic expectations, talk you through what to watch out for, and ensure you’re ready once it’s time to nurse! 

Thrive Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding issues happen to almost every nursing parent. By calling Amy at Thrive Breastfeeding, you can be prepared and have assistance anytime you need it! 

If you’re looking for another way to prepare for your little one, I would love to help out! I’m a Northern Virginia photographer, and I adore working with parents to make memories with their babies. From celebrating your pregnancy to scheduling family portraits, I’m here for it all! If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I would love to chat so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to get the conversation going!

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