Alexandria Midwives Providing Stellar Services for Your Delivery

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When you’re pregnant, you’re constantly making decisions. What kind of baby carrier will you put on your registry? What’s the theme of the nursery? What name will you choose? When juggling a thousand choices, it can be pretty jarring to feel like you’re losing all your autonomy with your doctor. For decades, the mainstream birth industry has been set on delivering babies a certain way, and parents have lost control of their voices. Midwives have gained so much popularity because they help parents understand every aspect of pregnancy and birth while empowering them to make choices that work best for their bodies. If you’ve been searching for a professional for your delivery, I’d love to tell you about the best Alexandria midwives

4 Alexandria Midwives Giving You A Voice In Your Delivery

Del Ray Midwifery

Del Ray Midwifery is a center started by a certified professional midwife, Ryann Morales. Ryann has been practicing since 2012 and has been present for over 750 births. She is committed to inclusive care for every family across the DC area. 

Ryann will provide all prenatal care, including lab work and ultrasounds. As a midwife, she exclusively assists with home births. Ryann also provides doula services and will be there for your home or hospital birth.

A mother to be in a red maternity dress stands basking in the sun of a field of tall golden grass alexandria midwives

Physicians and Midwives

Physicians and Midwives is an innovative practice that combines traditional midwifery with state-of-the-art physician care. This collaborative approach allows you to have all the control over your delivery while still letting you choose aides such as epidurals. 

The center works with Inova hospitals for your delivery. They have five convenient locations across Northern Virginia, including one in Alexandria. You’ll have access to numerous midwives to find one that meshes perfectly with your family!

BirthCare & Women’s Health

BirthCare & Women’s Health is a diverse practice that believes childbirth is a natural, physiological process. Rather than treating childbirth as an emergency, they allow it to be a profound experience for your family. They specialize in out-of-hospital births. 

While they are more than happy to be there for your home birth, they operate a comfortable birth center at 1501 King Center in Alexandria. This cozy space has spacious beds and large birth tubs and is less than 4 miles away from a hospital in case you need to be transferred at any point.

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Safe Haven Midwifery

Safe Haven Midwifery is a practice solely operated by Casey Morrow, a certified nurse midwife. Casey graduated with her Master of Science in Midwifery in 2017 and has worked in pretty much every kind of birth setting. 

She specializes in home births but provides virtual midwifery consults for people under traditional OB care. Casey provides inflatable birthing tubs for water births and has connections to doulas to help you form your best birth team. 

Alexandria Midwives

If you’ve been looking for someone to give you a voice in your delivery, check out these Alexandria midwives! You can access some of the best providers around with any of these centers! 

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