Discover the Magic of Clemyjontri Park in McLean, Virginia

A mother in a green dress sits on a picnic blanket kissing her toddler son in clemyjontri park

As we head into spring, we’re starting to get those gorgeous days right before the blistering Virginia summers. While the weather is getting nice, it’s time to start making plans so you can embrace them to their fullest. If you are on the search for a park for all ages, I would love to tell you about my favorite Fairfax destination, Clemyjontri Park. This gorgeous space is bustling with activities perfect for families looking to spend a day soaking up the sun. 

About Clemyjontri Park

6317 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia 22101

Clemyjontri Park is a breathtaking space settled on 2 acres. First opened in 2006, this park was created to be a welcoming place for children of all abilities. It has been built on land that was donated by Adele Lebowitz. In fact, the unique park name comes from the names of Adele’s four children, Carolyn, Emily, John, and Petrina. Whether you want to spend the day roaming the fields or prefer to give your child a one-of-a-kind experience, this small yet impressive park has the perfect options for you! 

A young toddler boy in a plaid shirt plays in a clemyjontri park field

All The Fun Adventures Await

Clemyjontri Park has been thoughtfully created to be a space where every child can play. The regular swings feature high backs and armrests, while the Liberty Swing was designed for children in wheelchairs. There are lowered monkey bars that any child can easily reach. Ramps connect the play structures, and there are wider openings everywhere. Rather than mulch or rocks, the park features rubber surfacing throughout so children in wheelchairs have no obstructions. The playground itself is a place where kids over the age of 2 can feel free to explore. They can play pretend in the airplane structure or race down the slides. There are sails that cover the area, so you don’t have to worry about the blazing summer sun. If you need a break, you can pack a lunch and eat it at the picnic tables beneath the pavilions. 

A mother in a black hat and green shirt sits in a park lawn with her toddler son making silly faces on her lap


Besides the accessible play space, Clemyjontri Park has additional amenities that make it so unique. In 2018, they built a trackless train that can travel all across the grounds. A ramp was built into the train to make it more accessible. The train is only available on weekends and costs a small fee. It was created to hold people of all ages. In addition, there is a carousel with a spinning tea cup and 14 horses. This vintage-inspired ride has been recessed to ground level to ensure easy boarding, 

Your Family Will Love A Fun Filled Day At Clemyjontri Park

At Clemyjontri Park, your child will have a space where they can explore however they’d like! Check out this mindful park today so you can have an unforgettable time with your family. 

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