McLean Preschool: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Child

A mom and dad sit on a boardwalk over a pond with their two toddler children after visiting a mclean preschool

Preschool is a pretty exciting stage for kids. Finally, they’re getting the chance to bond with others their age and gain some independence. This is their chance to prepare for the structure of elementary school while still getting to see that learning can be fun. One of the best ways to ensure your child’s transition into preschool is positive is by taking the time to find a school that will give your little one the attention they need while celebrating their unique strengths. If you’re searching for a McLean preschool, then I would love to tell you about some so you can find the best match for your family. 

Find A Place Making Learning Fun With A McLean Preschool

St. Thomas Early Learning Center

8991 Brook Rd, McLean, Virginia 22102

St. Thomas Early Learning Center is an Episcopalian preschool that offers children a stimulating environment to kick-start their learning journey. The center offers programs for kids ages 2-5. They keep a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:10 so your child can get the attention they need. 

The Country Day School 

6418 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia 22101

The Country Day School is an independent, private McLean preschool that emphasizes the power of play. On average, the school has a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8. They offer 9 playgrounds that let your child get out in nature and explore the world surrounding them. 

A father throws his toddler daughter in the air in a park after visiting a mclean preschool

Redeemer Lutheran Preschool

1545 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia 22101

Since 1962, Redeemer Lutheran Preschool has offered a faith-based program that makes sure every child feels welcomed. The school offers programs for kids ages 2-5. They have a one-of-a-kind Try It Lab that lets your child dive headfirst into STEAM-based activities. 

Trinity United Methodist Church Preschool McLean

1205 Dolley Madison Blvd, McLean, Virginia 22101 

Trinity United Methodist Church McLean offers preschool programs starting in August and continuing through June. These classes start at the age of 1.5 and put your child in age-appropriate classrooms designed to tap into their natural sense of curiosity. 

Dolley Madison Preschool

1125 Savile Lane, McLean, Virginia 22101

Dolley Madison Preschool is a non-profit center dedicated to building up your child’s social-emotional skills while also providing them with a structured academic environment. The center offers inclusive speech and language services so kids with communication delays can have the help they need. 

A mother kisses her toddler daughter while her toddler son sits on her lap

Brooksfield School

1830 Kirby Road, McLean, Virginia 22101 

Brooksfield School is a private childcare center that offers Montessori preschool programs for McLean kids from toddlers up through kindergarten. The school rests on 5 acres and incorporates the land to let your child spend plenty of time in nature. 

The Langley School

1411 Balls Hill Road, McLean, Virginia 22101 

The Langley School offers kids from preschool through 8th grade a McLean place where they can develop a respect for academics. The primary school provides structured lessons that encourage children to tackle challenges headfirst so they can grow with total confidence. 

McLean Preschool

By finding the perfect match for your family, you can ensure your child’s time in preschool will help them feel completely prepared for elementary. Check out a Mclean preschool today so you can find the one where your child belongs. 

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