Impactful Care and Resources at Community of Hope Birth Center

A mom to be holds her bump in a green maternity dress while standing in a garden path outside a white barn before visiting community of hope birth center

A comfortable birth experience shouldn’t be a privilege; it should be a right for all women and families expecting a new baby. In Washington, DC, the Community of Hope Birth Center is an empowering resource for families within the DC community who may be experiencing homelessness. This incredible organization also cares for and empowers some of DC’s most vulnerable residents, including precious newborn residents-to-be! 

About the Community of Hope Birth Center

Firstly, Community of Hope is an independently run non-profit organization dedicated to helping under-resourced communities and families experiencing homelessness since 1980. Their mission is “to improve health and end family homelessness to make Washington DC more equitable.” 

In 2022 alone, they helped nearly 1500 families overcome or threatened by homelessness and over 14,000 patients who needed medical, dental, and emotional wellness care. Their four housing programs keep vulnerable families safe and sheltered. Additionally, dedicated case managers offer services like job referrals, counseling, and mentorship programs.

Community of Hope also has a team of nearly 400 staff members, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of donors who keep their critical mission in action. Together, as a community, they are helping families in need find hope. 

A mom to be stands in a park wearing a green maternity gown blowing in the wind and holding a bouquet of flowers after visiting community of hope birth center


Community of Hope’s Family Health and Birth Center has recently expanded, moving into a new facility in Northeast DC in March 2022. Additionally, The Center provides:

  • an array of health services for the entire family,
  • a free-standing birth center, and
  • special services for pregnant parents and their babies.

The Family Health and Birth Center also offers physicals, immunizations, urgent care visits, pediatric care, and onsite lab work. They can also help with chronic disease management, social service referrals, and STI testing. 

Regarding prenatal care, The Family Health and Birth Center offers:

  • comprehensive prenatal care and pregnancy support groups,
  • breastfeeding support and education,
  • nutrition and wellness counseling, and
  • emotional wellness services like counseling and psychiatric services.

Furthermore, they offer everything you need for a healthy, empowering pregnancy and welcoming a beautiful, healthy baby.

A mom to be in a green maternity gown holds a bouquet of pink and white flowers while standing in a flower garden


In addition to being a full-service service health clinic with in-house labs and a pharmacy, Community of Hope’s Family Health and Birth Center is also a beautiful, comfortable place to deliver a baby. Their team of compassionate, trained midwives are on call 24/7 to assist with hospital or Birth Center births. 

The second floor of their facility is home to two spacious birthing suites, both of which feature a home-like, comfortable environment. They feature free-standing tubs, large beds, and a variety of other tools. Moreover, it’s a beautiful, calming space for moms-to-be to welcome their babies into the world. 

Community of Hope Birth Center

In conclusion, the Community of Hope Birth Center is just one incredible resource for families in need in the DC area. Their other health facilities, services, and programming also provide life-saving support for vulnerable families and individuals. If you are expecting and need additional support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Community of Hope. If you’re in a place where you can help, this amazing organization is always in need of volunteers and donations to keep its mission a reality.

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