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While pregnancy may feel like a slow-moving phase at the moment, the time you spend preparing for your baby to arrive flies by. It’s important to take the time and find the right people who can help you through this exciting (and temporary!) phase of life so that you can focus on making memories and enjoying as much of this fleeting time as possible. Doulas are the ultimate support system, from the early days of your pregnancy through childbirth and beyond. Doulas of Capitol Hill helps families find their community, get the information they need, and savor every moment of this exciting time. 

About Doulas of Capitol Hill

Doulas of Capitol Hill aren’t just a business; they’re a true community. Their expansive team of incredible women helps families through every step and moment of welcoming a new baby and building a sense of community. Yes, when you hire them, you can pick the primary doula of your choice to support you. Still, you’ll also have access to the entire company founded on supporting the entire family. 

Whether you need prenatal, birth, or postpartum support, Doulas of Capitol Hill has truly thought of everything an expectant parent could need. Their services go beyond birth assistance and even cover offerings like massage therapy, personal chefs, and maternity photography. Whichever doula and services you choose, you’ll find that your doula will provide evidence-based information, instill confidence, and provide encouragement, helping you have an empowering birth experience. 

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Doulas of Capitol Hill offers more traditional doula services, like prenatal support, birth and newborn care classes, and postpartum care for recovering moms and new babies. But they also know that supporting a family with a new baby goes far beyond a delivery room. When you consider expanding your family, they offer preconception doula services. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, undergoing fertility treatments, or even experiencing a loss, a compassionate doula will support you. 

If you’re placed on bed rest for any reason or need additional mental health and wellness support through your pregnancy, your antepartum doula will provide expert guidance as you navigate this phase. When it comes to preparing for your birth, your doula will help you figure out which kind of birth you choose (epidural, unmedicated, or cesarean) and will assist you in making a plan. 

Then, when the big day arrives, they’ll assist with breathing, relaxation, movement, and positioning, as well as emotional guidance and support. Have an older child to consider throughout your labor and delivery? A sibling doula acts as an experienced caregiver, attending to your older child(ren) while you focus on welcoming your new baby. They’ll help answer any questions and are ready to attend to your child at home or in the hospital. 

A mom to be laughs while holding her bump and standing in a rose garden doulas of capitol hill


Doulas of Capitol Hill aren’t just here to assist you with labor and delivery; they are well aware that your pregnancy and preparation for a new little one doesn’t begin or end at birth! That’s why they offer specialty doula concierge services to make things a little easier and more comfortable for you and your family. They have personal chef services to alleviate the stresses of cooking healthy meals for your family. 

Pre- and postnatal massages are a fabulous way to reduce stress levels, manage pain, and practice self-care. They also have a car seat installation specialist to help you make sure your baby is safe in the car! Truly, whatever help you need, Doulas of Capitol Hill has the right person with the expertise to help. 

Doulas of Capitol Hill

Whatever assistance, support, or encouragement you need, Doulas of Capitol Hill can help! Don’t just let your pregnancy fly by; get help from professionals who support you in a way that makes this special phase even more enjoyable. 

Before this phase of life is over, document it with gorgeous maternity photos and a newborn shoot that captures every perfect detail of your baby. I’d love to be your family’s photographer – let’s chat!

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