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Throughout your pregnancy, your mind never stops racing. You’re constantly dreaming about your baby as you stock up on products and think through names. And while you wonder about the happy possibilities, you also can’t help but worry about it all. What if you can’t see your birth plan through? Are those symptoms normal? So, are you just done with sleep for the rest of your life? If you could use some help with all this, you may want to hire a doula. By partnering with one, you’ll have an expert who will answer your questions and be your advocate. Here are the best doulas in Arlington, VA.

Find The Perfect Support Team With These Incredible Doulas In Arlington, VA 

Doulas of Northern Virginia

Doulas of Northern Virginia is an Arlington, VA center dedicated to giving you the birth that’s right for you. You can start out with a Meet the Doulas event, where you’ll find out all about their helpful services. From there, you’ll select your doula and have 24/7 on-call support. They have doulas who have experience with hypnobirthing and spinning babies. You can also get postpartum doula services as well as placenta encapsulation. 

NOVA Birth Partners

NOVA Birth Partners is a group of Arlington, VA doulas dedicated to helping every family regardless of their ability to pay. This practice has affiliations with several hospitals throughout the area and will work with you to help you craft your perfect birth plan. In addition to birth doulas, they offer postpartum doulas, childbirth education courses, sibling doulas, professional babysitters, and placenta encapsulation specialists. 

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District Doulas

District Doulas is a group of Arlington, VA experts dedicated to inclusive care for all. The group is committed to breaking down barriers by providing anti-racist and queer-affirming care. They regularly partner with area groups that work to establish justice in the birthing world. They will support you with any birth style and can make sure you have the information you need to make your expectations a reality. You can find postpartum doulas, childbirth classes, and lactation support. 

The Momager Co.

The Momager Co. is here to give you unconditional labor and postpartum support. While they offer inclusive packages, they also give you the chance to select a la carte services. The team offers fertility doulas, virtual doulas, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, breathwork, placenta encapsulation, meal prep, belly binding, lactation support, and much more in Arlington, VA. 

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Madam Doula

Madam Doula is an agency that was started by Katya Daily in 2020. While Katya was the primary doula for years, she has built up a team of fellow experts so you can have comprehensive care. You’ll have access to birth doulas, daytime postpartum doulas, night doulas, childbirth educators, and lactation consultants. They also have a long list of resources they can connect you with for every aspect of pregnancy and delivery. 

I Hope You Enjoyed Finding Your Dream Team With These Doulas In Arlington, VA

By working with a doula, you can have exceptional emotional support as you grow your family. Check out these doulas in Arlington, VA today for comprehensive care. 

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