A Guide to Exceptional Care at Virginia Hospital Center Arlington

A mother to be stands in a park path in a pink maternity dress with a hand pulling some hair back and smiling before visiting virginia hospital center arlington

Where you decide to have your baby matters! If you’re looking for a comfortable, reputable hospital environment to bring your baby into the world, look no further than VHC Health, formerly Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. This incredible facility is home to an incredible team of providers who will help ensure your birth experience is as safe and comfortable as possible. What more can you ask?

About VHC Health – Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington

VHC Health may have a new name, but they still offer the same quality care they’ve been providing for decades. Formerly known as Virginia Hospital Center, VHC Health has become the Washington DC metro area’s leading community health system. With several satellite clinics and locations, the hospital itself is a state-of-the-art medical facility. Plus, it’s a proud member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of independent healthcare organizations with access to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic research and resources. 

In 2021, VHC Health was recognized as a Top Teaching Hospital and received its 21st consecutive ‘A’ grade from the Leapfrog Group. They constantly strive to be the region’s top healthcare resource, supported by a network of world-class physicians, nurses, and specialists. 

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Regarding labor and delivery, VHC Health isn’t just any other hospital. Newsweek magazine named them one of the nation’s Best Maternity Hospitals in 2020, based on their ability to provide cutting-edge care with comfort and compassion. 

When you deliver at VHC, you’ll settle into a fully private suite for labor and delivery. Then, once your baby has arrived, you’ll recover in a separate private postpartum room with an ensuite bath and a sleeper chair for your support person. A team of onsite obstetricians, certified nurse-midwives, maternal-fetal medicine doctors, and specialists will attend your birth experience. The help you need is only ever just down the hall. Choose to have an unmedicated birth, or take advantage of their range of natural and medicated pain management tools to stay as comfortable as possible. 

Then, once you’re comfortably recovering with your baby in your arms, you’ll have access to 24/7 lactation support to make your breastfeeding transition smooth. You’ll also have the option to keep your baby by your side throughout your stay or take a break and have them looked after in the nursery if you need a little rest. Families can also take advantage of newborn professional photography conveniently onsite from their partner, BabyBella. 

A mom to be holds her bump and back while standing in a greenhouse in a pink maternity dress after visiting virginia hospital center arlington


While you never envision your baby needing NICU support, you’ll rest a little more easily, knowing that all of the help and care your baby could possibly need is just down the hall. Their onsite Level III NICU is operated in partnership with Children’s National Health System, the number one neonatology provider in the country according to the U.S. News & World Report 2019-2020. 

Over 100 team members remain solely dedicated to the care of infants staying in the NICU. Again, we hope and pray that your baby will arrive perfect and healthy, but should they need extra special care, VHC Health will take incredible care of them. 

Virginia Hospital Center Arlington

VHC Health, formerly known as Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, is an incredible hospital for all of your emergency and intensive needs, as well as a beautiful, safe place to bring a baby into the world. They’ve received a rating as the best in the country for various reasons; arrange a tour to see them all yourself! 

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