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Finding an early childhood center for your child can be a pretty daunting task. Not only are you trying to sort through which spots have vacancies, but you’re also searching for a center where your child can develop a lifelong love of learning. There’s a good chance this is your child’s first experience in an independent setting, and it’s important the school creates a lasting impression. With Falls Church McLean Children’s Center, you’ll find an accessible space that makes learning fun. If you’re looking for the perfect preschool for your child, I would love to tell you all about it! 

About Falls Church Mclean Children’s Center

7230 Idylwood Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22043

Falls Church McLean Children’s Center is a school dedicated to providing childcare for everyone in the community. The center strives to provide an exceptional education to families regardless of their economic status. They keep 50% of their enrollment reserved for kids who qualify for the Child Care Assistance Program. The school is available for children starting at the age of 2. They offer low teacher-to-student ratios so they can ensure every student gets the attention they need. The teachers work alongside your child to figure out their unique learning style so they can tailor the lessons appropriately. They offer regular field trips that let your child get a fresh look at the community. They also provide speech-language services as well as dental, vision, and hearing screenings. 

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Falls Church Mclean Children’s Center has created a curriculum that encourages your child to ask questions and find out the answers firsthand. The teachers are given the chance to switch up the lessons to appeal to your child’s interests and goals. Their plans are based on The Creative Curriculum, a research-based program dedicated to turning each child into a confident thinker

Every day, your child will have group time that puts them in a classroom setting that prepares them for elementary. They will get to participate in choice time and small groups where they can explore their different interests. They also offer plenty of outdoor time so your child can stay active while building up friendships that will last for years. 

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Falls Church McLean Children’s Center offers after-care programs for K-6 students of Lemon Road Elementary School. The students are picked up at the school and walked over to the center. Your student will get a healthy snack and receive homework help if needed. The center gives them outdoor time as well as free-choice time. They’ll get to play board games, read books, complete art projects, and participate in weekly STEM activities. 

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At Falls Church McLean Children’s Center, your child will have a head start created specifically for their unique learning style. Check out the center today so you can decide if this is the school for your family!

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