Creating the Perfect Delivery Experience with Fairfax Home Birth

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For many parents, a home birth is one of the most profound experiences they can have. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a hospital birth, a home birth allows you to deliver your baby in the space where you feel the most at peace. Plus, working with a midwife tends to give you more control over your labor. You can snack, walk around, light some candles, and use your tub to help you progress. If you want to give birth outside of a hospital and need the best team to make it happen, I would love to tell you about Fairfax Home Birth. This wonderful practice is committed to giving families the birth experience that’s right for them. 

About Fairfax Home Birth

3545 Chain Bridge Road #206

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Fairfax Home Birth is a midwifery practice that started in 2016 and has assisted with over 300 births in Northern Virginia. The team features Story Jones and Alanna Crimmins, two Certified Nurse Midwives dedicated to providing families with a meaningful home birth experience. The two work as partners to ensure you always have a midwife available. 

You’ll have one as your primary, and the other will be prepared if you need a backup. The team solely works with healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies to ensure you and your baby remain safe throughout delivery. They want to ensure you have a positive experience you’ll treasure for years. 

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Your care with Fairfax Home Birth typically starts around the 11th-12th week of gestation. You’ll get to hear your baby’s heartbeat on the doppler and spend some time getting to know more about the practice. You’ll meet your midwife and discuss whether you’ll be a good candidate for a home birth. Then, you’ll discuss things such as diet and exercise in pregnancy. 

Throughout the regular prenatal appointments, your midwife will check on your baby’s growth and ensure all your questions and concerns are answered. As you near your delivery date, your midwife will ensure your space is ready for delivery. 

Once labor starts, your midwife will come to your house and check on the progression. She’ll listen to your baby’s heartbeat and get her supplies ready. You’ll receive heartbeat and blood pressure checks every few hours, and you’ll get to move around. As you get closer, your midwife will get everything set up and empower you as you push. Afterwards, your midwife will stay for 2-4 hours to assist with bonding, guide you through breastfeeding, and tidy the area. You’ll receive several postpartum visits afterward so she can check on your recovery. 

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On top of providing prenatal care, the practice offers holistic gynecology care. They can handle annual exams, pap smears, assistance with cycles, and natural family planning guidance. 

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Fairfax Home Birth

At Fairfax Home Birth, you’ll receive a midwife who will empower you to give birth the way that’s best for you. Check out the practice today to decide if they’ll be the ones to help with your delivery. 

While you’re making your birth plan, make sure you schedule the pictures! I’m a Northern Virginia photographer, and I adore working with parents to celebrate their newest arrivals. I would love to have a conversation with you and tell you more about my style so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat today!

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