Making Breastfeeding Easier with Inova Loudoun Lactation

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Breastfeeding can be a pretty tricky topic. While most parents expect to nurse their babies, the process is often not as straightforward as it seems. On top of the pain of the early feedings, many parents deal with issues including insufficient supply or blocked ducts. Even months into your breastfeeding journey, problems can still pop up, leaving you completely blindsided. If you’re determined to nurse, one of the best things you can do is work with a lactation consultant, like the ones at Inova Loudoun lactation center. The experts at the Inova Loudoun Hospital Lactation Center and Boutique will be there to empower you to feed your baby the way you’d like. 

About the Inova Loudoun Lactation Services

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Inova is a nonprofit healthcare network that provides exceptional care through every stage of life. The centers give you cohesive assistance regardless of your needs. Their dedication to patient satisfaction is one of the many things that has made them nationally ranked. Their lactation center is offered through the Loudoun Hospital and works in cooperation with the women’s care department. 

They offer assistance during pregnancy and postpartum to ensure you feel fully prepared to face any lactation struggles. The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners has recognized their center multiple times because of their commitment to excellence. 

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The IBCLCs at Inova work within the hospital to visit parents after the births of their babies. During this time, they’ll sit down with you to provide a breastfeeding education. They’ll examine a feeding and offer problem-solving to ensure you’re on the path to success. They provide nursery visits to babies currently in the NICU. They’ll also work closely with your OB-GYN to offer a comprehensive approach to your care. 

After you leave the hospital, you’ll still have the support of the Inova team. You can call them at any point, and they’ll provide lactation advice over the phone. If you need more extensive assistance, you can schedule a private consultation. During these, they can provide weight checks to ensure your baby is getting enough to eat. They can also help with bra fittings. 


If you’re still pregnant and getting a little nervous about breastfeeding, give Inova a call. Their prenatal team will review your health history to decide whether there might be any obstacles when you start to nurse. They also offer breastfeeding classes so you can confidently go into those first feedings. 

Inova Loudoun Lactation Helps With All Things Breastfeeding

With the Inova Loudoun lactation services, you’ll have expert assistance for your breastfeeding journey. Check them out today so you can feed your baby the best way for you. 

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