Momease Provides Evidence-Based Education for New Expecting Parents

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Something that resonates with all new parents out there is, you probably know absolutely nothing in the beginning about giving birth, being postpartum, raising a newborn, etc. There’s also a lot that might not click until you’re in the thick of it. But if you’re like so many other first-time parents out there, then you want to know as much as humanly possible to prepare you for your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Enter Momease.

About Momease

Momease was founded in 2004 and has been a provider of premier childbirth education services for the past 2 decades. Their mission is to provide evidence-based parent education classes for newly expecting parents so they can be as prepared as possible becoming a parent. While they are based out of Alexandria, VA, they have recently also expanded into Denver CO as well.

They offer prenatal, childbirth, and parenting classes either virtually, in Upper Marlboro MD, or in Alexandria VA. Their up-to-date courses were developed by industry experts and reviewed by their medical advisory board, certified childbirth educators, and lactation consultants using the latest, peer-reviewed resources and references. They also provide doula and lactation consulting services as well as labor/postpartum doula packages and lactation consulting packages.

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Momease Classes

With over 15 courses at Momease to choose from ranging from childbirth to infant sleep management, set your mind at ease by attending one of these classes below.

  • Weekend Childbirth Express Class
  • Childbirth 1-2-3 Class
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Private Childbirth Class
  • Birthing Refresher and Comfort Measures
  • Baby Baby Baby Class (for twins, triplets, etc)
  • Single Mom’s Childbirth and Baby Class
  • Creating the Best Birth Plan
  • Baby Care & Breastfeeding Basics Class
  • Advance Breastfeeding for Mom, Partner or Support Person
  • Private Baby Care & Breastfeeding Basics
  • Infant & Child CPR Group Class
  • Private Infant CPR Class
  • Infant Car Seat Safety Demonstration
  • Infant Massage Class
  • Sleep Management for Newborns
  • Sleep Management 4.5 to 12 Months

Doulas and Lactation Services

Did you take the courses and decide you need a labor and/or postpartum doula? Have you had your babe and need lactation consulting support? Look no further. Momease provides a variety of package options to fit everyone’s needs.

  • Doula on Demand (Virtual Doula package)
  • Personalized Labor Doula Package
  • Team Labor Doula Services
  • Student Labor Doula Package
  • Sibling Doula Package
  • Planned C-section
  • Momease Prenatal Conference Call
  • Postpartum Welcome Home Package
  • Baby Basics at Home
  • Three-Hour Lactation Consultation and Home Visit
  • Six-Hour Lactation and Postpartum Doula Services

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If becoming pregnant is causing more anxiety than happiness, then it’s time to sign up for childbirth classes at Momease!

Once you’re feeling *mentally* prepared and have all the support you need lined up, don’t forget to book your newborn photographer! As a mother of one amazing little toddler, I know firsthand how precious and fleeting those newborn moments are, especially when sleep-deprived! So I want to make sure that you have treasured photos to look back on. Because we can’t get this time back, except in your photos. Reach out for more info!

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