Why Touch Therapeutic Massage Is Amazing for Expecting Moms

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As a mom who has been through pregnancy, getting prenatal massages in that second or third trimester is beyond AMAZING. And you should choose none other than Touch Therapeutic Massage for these services. This is an incredibly life-changing time for you and for your body. Honor the change and the growth by taking care of your body well.

4 Reasons to Choose Touch Therapeutic Massage for Your Pregnant Body:

Daughter patting her mother's pregnant belly in a tulip field, touch therapeutic massage

Beautifully Appointed Space For The Ultimate Relaxation

Firstly, when you set foot inside Touch Therapeutic Massage, you immediately get a sense of zen. I should know, as I have seen Abby for massages ever since we moved to South Riding! The place is immaculate, super clean, and very minimal in nature. Then, the quiet music played in the background only adds to the sense of peace. Abby has done an amazing job creating this safe haven and providing a beautiful, peaceful place to relax for everyone who goes there.

Abby (owner of Touch Therapeutic Massage) is Certified in Prenatal Massages

Secondly, as a pregnant person, you want to choose a therapist who is certified to perform prenatal massages. There are extra considerations to be factored in to get a prenatal massage. Your massage therapist needs to be certified in prenatal massages. This is important, for both you and your growing baby’s health and safety. Understanding how to properly position a pregnant body for a massage and understanding which techniques and trigger points can cause contractions and premature labor are some of the skills a certified prenatal massage therapist will be well-educated on.

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Special Bolstering Is Provided For Maximum Comfort

Third, chances are, in the second and third trimester, you’ve started showing your bump a bit more. Hooray to that!! But also now there is a matter of your bump to consider since you won’t be able to “lay on your stomach” anymore with a bump in the way 🙂 and then, not being able to rest fully flat on your back for long periods of time too. Don’t worry about that when you arrive at Touch Therapeutic Massage. They will have the props necessary to make it comfortable for you during your session!

Prenatal Massage Package Deal and Add-ons

A 60 min prenatal massage costs $140 and a 90 minute massage costs $185. They offer Prenatal Massage Packages as well, which gets you either three 60-min sessions for $405 (savings of $15) or six 60-minute sessions for $798 (savings of $42). There are also plenty of add-ons to sweeten your session while you’re there, including but not limited to back scrubs, cupping, facial massage, hot stones, extra attention to head, neck, feet, hands, etc.

Little girl in a green dress in a tulip field, touch therapeutic massage

Touch Therapeutic Massage

As a maternity and family photographer, and as a mom who spent a few years trying to conceive, I absolutely adore capturing this season of a family’s journey. I would love to capture some of the magical, joyful moments in your life for you so contact me today to get the conversation started!

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