Looking For Showit Website Templates for Photographers?

An Asian woman in her late 40s wearing a black blouse in front of her laptop doing work, Showit Website Templates for Photographers

who Are you struggling to build your website yourself from scratch and don’t even know where to begin with SEO considerations? If you want the ease of website designing while also efficiently optimizing your website at the same time, look no further than Kyle Goldie’s Showit website templates for photographers.

About Kyle Goldie’s Showit Website Templates for Photographer

I know firsthand what it’s like to build a website completely from scratch (using WordPress). I also know what it’s like to build one using a template (Squarespace/Pixieset), which is supposed to make things easier but oftentimes, it’s not. Sometimes it’s due to the limitations of the platform itself. Sometimes it’s just not intuitive. The last website I built took me close to half a year to build out on my own time. And even then, it was still missing the wow factor and was still pretty bare bones. I was also not on Showit yet.

An Asian woman in her late 40s wearing a black blouse in front of her laptop doing work, Showit Website Templates for Photographers

Why a KG Showit Template?

Earlier this year, I bit the bullet and moved over to Showit. In tandem, I also decided to invest in one of Kyle’s Showit website templates. And you know what? It was the best decision ever. I got my new Showit site up and running in ONE month. It was so easy to tailor to my brand colors, fonts, and logo and not once did I have to hack the website code. No code tinkering necessary. Not only that but when you buy one of his templates, you get a template-specific video online course to go with it. AMAZING.

Beyond the initial learning curve of navigating a new-to-me platform, having my KG template on hand helped expedite that learning by a lot. Why? Because I didn’t have to learn Showit functionality AND build a design from the ground up at the same time. All I had to do was drag and drop, plug in, and move on. No matter which of Kyle’s templates you pick, they are all exquisitely designed, functional, easy to implement, AND SEO-friendly.

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Positive Impacts of Kyle Goldie’s Showit Website Templates for Photographers

I have never had such a beautiful website that I could also trust to do the hard work of gaining visibility for me passively. Before switching to Showit + a KG template, and understanding better how SEO works, I had to work extra hard to get myself out there in the market. My website was barely seen by anyone searching. My Google Analytics and Search Console ratings were miserable and I never had enough leads. I was always marketing myself on Facebook and IG. I fought constantly with my website design trying to make it do I want needed it to do (spoiler alert: I never got my old website builder to play well with me).

I’m still always marketing myself (but I’m not so anxious about it anymore. I have more eyes on my website this year than I have ever had in past years combined. My website is always in the background working, doing the visibility work for me. And it looks freaking amazing, if I do say so myself.

Also, fun fact. Maintaining this website is such a breeze. It’s so easy to update my portfolio, create a new offering, create new pages, etc. It’s a no-brainer situation! His templates save you time and time is money!

Hands of Black Sand Designs sketching out ideas for a custom necklace, Showit Website Templates for Photographers

Special Notes About Kyle’s Templates

These quality templates are high-end not only aesthetically but also in its structure and its ability to generate real leads. If you want a Showit template that is 1000% designed for SEO optimization, investing in one of these templates is the way to go. Not all templates are created equal. Kyle’s templates all come with a solid foundational website structure optimized with the right SEO structure (header tags H1, H2, paragraph tags, div tags, etc) all done for you, properly. Yes, that means there IS a right way of structuring your template for good SEO.

And a few words to the wise. First, Kyle is working on launching a video-walkthrough online course for every single template he offers. Awesome sauce, right? And he offers a ‘Done-For-You’ Website Design & SEO Optimization service, where he will personally help you with customizing his template to your specifications. You just need to have your portfolio and brand content ready.

Speaking of portfolio content, if you want to truly level up your business and your whole brand (not ‘just your website’), you should also consider investing in Kyle as a business coach. His templates are amazing and if you combine his teachings as a coach with your new template investment, you can’t go wrong. More on Kyle’s Mastermind Program in another blog soon!

Showit Website Templates for Photographers

If you need new Showit Website Templates for Photographers, seriously, don’t sleep on Kyle Goldie’s templates. He’s got templates that can fit any niche type and fit any scheme/brand design you’re after. They truly are the real deal and worth every penny for the long-term. And bonus for you, if you want to save a bit on the investment, be sure to use my discount code below!


This post was specifically to help photographers out! Most of the time, you’ll find me chatting about things to do around northern Virginia or providing helpful resources, like below! I also really love connecting with my clients and helping them create memories. If you’ve been on the fence about booking that family photoshoot or in-home newborn session, I would love to answer any questions you may have! Contact me today to find out more.

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