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The choice of whether to deliver your baby with a doctor or a midwife has always been a little complicated. As an expectant mother beginning your research, you may even pick up on some “us vs. them” vibes that feel particularly polarizing. However, practices like The Physician & Midwife Collaborative Practice in the greater DC area have realized the strength of creating a team of educated, knowledgeable, and experienced practitioners. Their patients receive the most comprehensive care because they have a network of knowledge that transcends one field of expertise. 

Physicians & Midwives has a home for you if you’re looking for someone to help you with your:

  • well-woman’s care,
  • routine wellness, or
  • pregnancy and childbirth.

About The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice

The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice is a network of physicians, midwives, and nurse practitioners specializing in obstetrical and gynecological care. They work together to ensure their patients receive the highest quality medical attention with as little stress or hassle as possible. 

When selecting whether you’d like to see a physician or a midwife, keep in mind that both are qualified to provide:

  • gynecological care,
  • deliver babies, and
  • ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.

Midwives also offer a little more emotional support throughout your wellness journey for a more personalized touch. 

Otherwise, the quality of medical care you receive is comparable! Midwives at this practice are all Certified Nurse Midwives, meaning they have undergraduate and advanced degrees in nursing and midwifery. They also have extensive training in Women’s Health and Obstetrics. 

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Physicians and Midwives understands the importance of convenience in their own healthcare. As women, we often spend our days multitasking and even putting the needs of others before our own. That’s why they’ve simplified the process of managing your health. They offer in-house sonography and lab draw services at all five locations. Hence, you don’t have to drive around town for testing. They also have a physician and a midwife at INOVA Alexandria Hospital 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for on-call doctors to arrive when you need medical care most.

Their practices also offer extensive modern technology that can help provide even more specific care to your needs. While they specialize in low-risk and normal birth situations, their collaborative model allows them to extend the focus to women who may require additional supervision during their prenatal care. 

Whether you’re expecting a baby, have a concern that needs addressing, or are simply doing your best to monitor your health and wellness, your provider at Physicians & Midwives will provide competent, compassionate care specialized to your needs. 

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One extremely beneficial perk to being a patient is the ease with which you can book an appointment! Most of the time, patients can see a provider on the same day or the following day. Between their broad network of doctors, midwives, and nurse practitioners and their five office locations (Alexandria, North Arlington, Mt. Vernon, Kingstowne, and Woodbridge), it’s easy to find time to take care of you

A state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record connects each practice so you can visit any office with an open appointment. Additionally, their dedicated call center is open during business hours to help you with:

  • medication refills,
  • lab results, and
  • any questions. 

The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice

The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice is dedicated to helping women in every stage of their wellness journey receive comprehensive and attentive care. Whether you’re looking for a new physician or a midwife, this practice is a fabulous place to start your search right here in Northern Virginia. 

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