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We’ve all had those moments of buying clothing that we wear once only to gather dust in our closets. Or maybe you’ve bought the cutest baby clothing for your little one, only to have them outgrow it in the blink of an eye. Bellies & Babies in Alexandria, Virginia, has found a way to help eliminate both problems! They’re a high-end consignment shop that sells name-brand maternity and children’s clothing at a fraction of the cost, so you can keep your wardrobe updated as your belly grows. 

About Bellies & Babies

Bellies & Babies was founded by Dawn Luepke over a decade ago. Having had two children 15 months apart, she experienced firsthand the struggle of finding affordable, quality maternity clothing, as well as pieces for her growing babies! After realizing there were other families nearby experiencing the same challenges, she decided to create Bellies & Babies as a solution. In 2020, Dawn passed the company onto Lee Raynes, who has proudly continued its legacy of selling high-quality, name-brand items that are new or gently used. 

In addition to serving as a place for pregnant women and parents to find adorable clothing options, Bellies & Babies is also a place for education and community-building. Living up to their principles of “reduce, reuse, and rethink,” they also proudly contribute to their local DC-area community. Whether it’s through fundraising or donation drives, serving families in need is a huge part of the store’s identity. Plus, consigned clothing that hasn’t sold by the end of the consignment period is donated to several local charities. Shopping at Bellies & Babies is good for you and your community! 

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While Bellies & Babies sells a variety of high-end clothing for moms-to-be and their little ones, they also sell popular gear, toys, handmade gifts, and other retail items. If it’s related to maternity or baby needs, they likely have the thing you’re looking for! 

Interested in selling some of your items? Here’s how it works: If it’s your first time selling to Bellies & Babies, you’ll need to make an appointment. If you’ve sold with them before, you can just drop in with a single bag of your best items! Depending on the season, they’re generally looking for specific items, so you may want to check in before you stop by. You can also donate clothing by dropping it off in their donation shed. 

They aren’t always accepting gear as a drop-off, so if you have a great piece, email them a photo to see if it’s something they can sell. They may even be able to post and sell it without you even having to bring it into the store! 

You’ll also want to check their website to double-check the brands they are currently accepting. A lot of popular brands are only accepted as New With Tags (or NWT), but some, like Burt’s Bees, Old Navy, and Target’s Cat & Jack, aren’t accepted at all. 

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As a pregnant mom-to-be, finding a dress for a special occasion can be a headache. Finding the right piece is tough enough, but knowing you’ll likely only wear it once makes it hard to justify an investment. Plus, with a growing belly, it’s hard to find the right thing that will fit at the right time! Bellies & Babies recognized this struggle and decided to curate a small collection of high-end designer dresses that you can rent for a fraction of the cost. 

Stop into the store to shop for their dresses, and once you find the perfect piece, you can reserve it for when you need it! Simply return it once you finish, and they take care of the dry cleaning. It’s the perfect way to dress up for any DC social event, holiday, wedding, or shower. 

Bellies & Babies

Whether you’re expecting a new baby or have one that simply keeps outgrowing their clothing, check out Bellies & Babies. You can get a sneak peek of what’s available on their website, but the best way to see what’s in stock is to stop by their store. Happy shopping! 

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