Why Virginia Hospital is the Ideal Birthing Center in Arlington

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One of the most important things throughout your childbirth experience is making sure you have options. Some people thrive with an unmedicated birth, while others need an epidural to get labor moving. Some prefer to let nature do its things, while others need a planned c-section so they can remain safe. No matter what you want your experience to look like, it’s important to find a provider who will actually listen to your birth plan. Virginia Hospital Center is an Arlington birthing center dedicated to keeping parents in control of their delivery experience. If you’re looking for the right space for your labor, let me tell you why you should consider this one! 

About the Virginia Hospital Birthing Center In Arlington

1701 N. George Mason Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22205

Virginia Hospital Center (or VHC for short) is a hospital within the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Because of this prestigious status, the Arlington birthing center has become a place where some of the brightest minds in the world come together to provide medical care. The medical center has been voted as one of the Best Maternity Hospitals in 2020 by Newsweek. The team is full of experienced OB-GYNs, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, and midwives. No matter who you need for your delivery, chances are they have the perfect person for you! 

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The Arlington birthing center will provide you with comprehensive medical care starting at the beginning of your pregnancy. Your provider will check on your progression, monitor your health, and answer any questions you might have. During these appointments, they are also going to start working with you to create your birth plan. Their mission is to ensure your team can follow this plan as closely as possible, and by keeping you informed, they can let you make most of the decisions.

Throughout your labor, you will be placed in a private birthing suite where you will call the shots. The team can assist you with an unmedicated birth but will also provide you with an epidural or IV pain medication if you prefer. The rooms are equipped with birthing balls, and your team can provide you with massage therapy. Should you need a c-section, you can trust that the surgeons will keep you in the best care. 

Following delivery, you will be placed in a room where you can recover and bond with your baby. You will be connected with experts, including lactation consultants, so you can have exceptional guidance. 

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If your Arlington baby needs some extra attention, you will have access to a world-class NICU at the birthing center. The Level III NICU offers a team of subspecialists who will tend to your baby. The department is family-centered. You can remain with your baby as much as you need and can breastfeed them. They also have family suites so you can remain close by.  

You Deserve The Birth Experience That You Want, Get It At This Incredible Birthing Center In Arlington

With Virginia Hospital Center, you will have excellent care through every aspect of your pregnancy and delivery. Check out this Arlington birthing center today so you can decide if it’s the place for you!

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