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As a mom and a woman of color, I consider it important that all moms and their babies are healthy, happy, and a part of healthy communities. I’ve known many moms who have struggled during their pregnancies and postpartum experiences. So I’m so happy to be able to share with you one of my favorite local Washington DC nonprofit organizations doing more to help Black women in their maternal health and postpartum journeys. Their name is Mamatoto Village, and you can read more about them below.

About Mamatoto Village

Two Black women, Aza Nedhari and Cassietta Pringle, co-founded Mamatoto Village, which boasts an extensive team of Black women. Their vision is simple: “Healthy Mamas. Healthy Babies. Healthy Communities.” 

Committed to serving Black women as they build career paths in maternal health, Mamatoto Village seeks to provide accessible perinatal support services to equip women to make the informed decisions they see best fit for their maternity care, parenting, and overall lives.


Their values are cleverly listed in the mnemonic “I. CARE. SIS” as inclusivity, collaboration, advocacy, respectful care, equity, support, integrity and accountability, and service. I love supporting a local organization with such clear direction and values, which are so evidently displayed in their team and work. One of my favorite things I saw on their website was their Black Mamas Guide, a downloadable PDF “created to remind you, beautiful Black Mama, that joy, love, pleasure, support, safety, and wellness are things you deserve.”

Mamatoto Village’s Mothers Rising Home Visitation Program supplies expectant and new parents with extensive home visiting services during pregnancy and postpartum. With the help of a care team, they ensure they meet each family’s needs with respectful care. These home visits also include counseling services, doula care, wellness coaching, parent education, and lactation support. 

Any birthing person in the DC or Prince George’s County area can be referred to the Mothers Rising Home Visitation Program. However, they note that those who may benefit the most are POC, those with limited family and community or partner support, someone with limited socioeconomic resources, morbidities that complicate pregnancy or postpartum, and lastly, a person at risk for birthing a low birth weight or preterm baby. 

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Furthermore, The Labor Support Package includes:

  • two prenatal visits (the first being in their office and the second in your home),
  • birth plan coaching,
  • comfort measures, and relaxation techniques,
  • on-call support beginning three weeks before your estimated due date,
  • continuous labor and birth support, and
  • two postpartum visits which include lactation and infant feeding support, which includes bottle feeding. 

Mamatoto Village’s philosophy surrounding birth is incredibly encouraging and inclusive, stating that their goal as birth workers is to “create a safe space where the birthing person feels affirmed in their own courage, intuitive nature, strength, and resolve.” 

Lastly, for lactation support, Mamatoto Village offers support in three ways: one-on-one consultations, classes, and support groups. Their Latch Clinic, open monthly, provides:

  • private one-to-one lactation consultations at home or in their office,
  • virtual lactation visits, and
  • personal assistance with nursing supplies.

Additionally, The Milk Bar is their entirely free in-person and virtual lactation support, designed to connect nursing mamas and build their confidence. 

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Mamatoto Village

In conclusion, I hope you’ve loved learning more about one of my favorite nonprofits benefiting local moms, Mamatoto Village

Whether I’m sharing about my favorite organizations in DC or my pregnancy journey, I love connecting with my clients in more ways than just in front of my camera. If you’ve considered booking a photo shoot for your growing family or newborn, I would love to chat with you! Get in touch with me today.

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