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Pregnancy is not one of the most relaxing experiences in your life. Between your rapidly growing belly and the increased hormones, your body doesn’t really know how to handle all this change. It can lead to some pretty uncomfortable symptoms, such as acid reflux, swelling, and back pain. If you’re looking for the best place to receive holistic care to help you with the discomforts, I would love to tell you all about Elm and Serenity. This cozy studio is dedicated to helping you feel your best through every stage of new parenthood. 

About Elm and Serenity

1312 Vincent Place, McLean, Virginia 22101

Located in downtown McLean, Elm & Serenity is a boutique massage studio that offers exceptional treatments. The center takes pride in their customer service. They will customize every aspect of your appointment to keep you in the utmost comfort. The studio is staffed by three experienced massage therapists, including two who have been trained in pregnancy massage. They accept HSA and FSA debit cards as payment. If you’d like, you can ask them to create a superbill that you can submit to your insurance agency to see if they will reimburse you. When you arrive, you’ll park in their lot within the McLean Office Square. From there, head into the building, where you’ll find the studio on the second floor. 

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The Elm & Serenity center offers perinatal massages for their pregnant clients. This is a full-body service that will be customized to address any problem areas specifically. This option is available for parents in every trimester. You’ll be placed on your side with pillows to ensure you’re comfortable throughout. The massage therapist will use a combination of methods such as myofascial release, muscle energy technique, reflexive techniques, joint mobilization, and strain/counter strain. Their goal is to create peace of mind while giving you relief from the common pregnancy aches and pains. The service lasts 60-75 minutes.

Following your delivery, you can stop by the studio for a postnatal massage. This service will target the full body and assist you with healing by promoting uterine involution. This service lasts 60-75 minutes and can be done anytime within the first 6-8 weeks following delivery. 

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Once you reach your due date, you can schedule an Elm & Serenity induction massage. This service will use aromatherapy and incorporate acupressure and reflexology points to encourage the labor process to start. They recommend this service for expectant parents who might want to avoid induction or are experiencing a breech pregnancy. This service lasts 75-90 minutes. 

I Just Know You Will Love The Prenatal Services From Elm and Serenity

If you’re looking for the perfect way to treat yourself both before and after your baby’s arrival, check out Elm & Serenity in McLean. This fabulous studio is dedicated to keeping you as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy. 

If you’re looking for an additional way to make this stage more memorable, I would love to connect! I am a Virginia photographer, and I adore working with parents to celebrate this time! As a mom myself, I know how quickly it flies by, and I want to make sure you can remember every last detail. If you’ve been considering booking some pictures for your newest arrival, let’s connect so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you!

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