A Selection of Toys for Every Family at Northern Virginia Toy Stores

A toddler girl in a tan dress plays upside down on a couch with mom after visiting toy stores in Northern Virginia

Finding a trusted toy store can be a total game-changer. Walking up and down aisles lined in shelves of colorful toys can be just the thing your tired spirit needs, even as a grown-up! Plus, shopping your local toy store is a way more engaging and rewarding experience than shopping online or visiting a big box store. Here are some of the top toy stores in Northern Virginia for your next toy-related need!

Find The Next Family Favorite With These 6 Toy Stores In Northern Virginia

Kinder Haus Toys

Kinder Haus Toys is an old-fashioned toy store that carries a wide array of toys that are mostly powered by imagination rather than batteries. Whether you’re looking for something to cuddle, challenge, educate, or inspire, Kinder Haus Toys will have just the thing you’re looking for. The moment you step through their door, you’ll understand why it’s been a beloved toy store for generations now. Kids of all ages (and kids at heart) love visiting Kinder Haus Toys!

Go Bananas Toys

Go Bananas has been bringing joy to kids and families since the day they opened their doors. Their selection of books, toys, puzzles, arts and craft kits, and STEM activities ensure there is something for everyone on their shelves. Their helpful staff will help you find the perfect gift for the little one in your life.

A young girl in a white dress giggles with mom in a red dress while they sit on a couch before visiting toy stores in Northern Virginia

Doodlehopper 4 Kids

A doodlehopper is defined as “any child who loves to hop, dance, sing, draw aimlessly, and just have fun.” Doodlehopper 4 Kids in Falls Church is a store full of toys, books, and games to entertain the doodlehoppers in your life! There’s always a new discovery around every corner; don’t be surprised if you leave with more than you came in looking for!

Kerbobble Toys

Kerbobble Toys sells both new toys as well as quality used toys and collectibles. Whether you collect action figures, memorabilia, comic books, or trading cards, they have just the things you need to add to your collection. Parents and grandparents will love reminiscing over toys they played with as children, too. You’ll always discover something new – or at least new to you – at Kerbobble Toys! 

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One Two Kangaroo Toys

One Two Kangaroo Toys is a cozy toy store in Arlington that delivers the quintessential independent toy store experience. Their experienced, friendly staff are experts in toys that you may not have seen before, and they love helping customers find just the right gift or game. There’s no online shopping here – you’ll have to make the trip to the store to explore it in person. Trust me, it will be a trip you won’t regret! 

LEGO® Store Tysons Corner Northern Virginia Toys

LEGOs are a truly universal toy. For generations, they’ve been inspiring people, young and old, to build and create worlds made of small, colorful blocks and bricks. The LEGO Store is a magical place where imaginations run wild, and the Tysons Corner location is no exception. Build and play with hands-on displays while you shop, and see what kinds of worlds you’re inspired to create!

Toy Stores In Northern Virginia

These toy stores in Northern Virginia are great options for all of your toy, book, and game-related needs. Make the journey to visit one of them soon and treat your little one (or yourself!) to something truly special. 

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