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Your health is personal. Period. So, it’s critical to have a doctor who makes you feel comfortable when it comes to the most intimate matters of your health. At Millennium Pregnancy & Gynecology, you’ll find a team of some of the highest-rated OBGYNs and nurses in the area, each dedicated to providing personalized, compassionate care for every patient. Are you looking for a new doctor? Keep reading to learn why Millennium Pregnancy and Gynecology may be a good fit for you! 

About Millennium Pregnancy & Gynecology

Whether you are pregnant or simply need a doctor to help maintain your female-related health, Millennium Pregnancy and Gynecology has a great team to help. With over 50 years of combined experience, they know how to care for their patients however needed. 

They conveniently accept all insurance carriers and uninsured patients – because no one should receive lesser care just because they aren’t insured. Additionally, their staff is multilingual, speaking English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and more! 

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Every woman needs a reliable gynecologist to trust with intimate health care. Whether you need an annual woman’s exam or have a different health concern, your doctor can provide excellent and attentive care. Millennium Gynecology is named among the leading institutions in the world for performing advanced procedures. They were actually one of the first practices to perform single-incision laparoscopy in several hospitals in the DC area! Their promise to every patient is to provide the “most effective solutions in the gentlest way possible.” 

In addition to gynecological care, Millennium Pregnancy and Gynecology also provides prenatal care and delivery services for pregnant women. They have experience in low-risk and high-risk pregnancies, so you will be in highly capable hands, whatever your situation. They know that expecting a baby is the experience of a lifetime, and they make it as safe and enjoyable as possible for every patient. 

If you are a patient at their Reston office, you’ll deliver at the Reston Hospital Center with the dedicated Millennium Pregnancy & Gynecology team. Patients of their Woodbridge practice will deliver at INOVA Fairfax Hospital. 

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Specialty ultrasounds are exceedingly popular with expectant parents these days. And why wouldn’t they be? They let parents see a detailed, three-dimensional image of their unborn baby! 

Many practices or novelty ultrasound clinics offer 4D ultrasounds for an additional fee, but OB patients of Millennium Pregnancy and Gynecology receive 4D ultrasounds for free! So save your pennies visiting an ultrasound boutique (as neat as they are) because you’ll see your baby’s unique features just by being a patient. 

Millennium Pregnancy and Gynecology

Millennium Pregnancy and Gynecology offers some of the finest and most comprehensive care to women in the area. Whether you’re expecting a new baby or just need help monitoring your health and wellness, their doctors, nurses, and staff make it simple and beneficial to be a patient. Check which of their two practice locations is more convenient for you, and then schedule an appointment with your new doctor ASAP – your health shouldn’t wait! 

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