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When you become a parent, you quickly become aware of everything that can go wrong. Suddenly, danger seems to be waiting in every corner, and all it takes is one news story to send you down an anxiety spiral. One of the best ways you can protect your family is to enroll in a class that teaches life-saving skills. At Nested LLC, the experts are committed to offering classes that will prepare you for the worst-case scenarios so you can be calm and collected through any emergency. 

About Nested LLC

Nested LLC was founded in 2017 by Nidhi Reva, a board-certified Physician Assistant, public health advocate, and mom. Nidhi was returning home from doing medical mission work in Ecuador when she decided she wanted to work alongside families to give them practical skills. In 2019, she was on an international flight when a passenger had a cardiac emergency. Nidhi successfully performed life-saving CPR and decided to add the certification to the classes she offered. Today, the center is committed to keeping these courses accessible to anyone who wants to attend. They offer discounts to active military members as well as financial assistance to those who need it. They also continue to provide medical missions to Ecuador, the country that inspired it all. 

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At Nested LLC, you’ll find both in-person and virtual classes that will prepare you for practically any emergency. Their Newborn and Infant Care class is an absolute must for any parent. This course will run you through all the basic info, including swaddling, soothing, and feeding techniques, but it will also teach you how to recognize potential signs of distress. From discussing “normal” newborn appearance to investigating signs of illness, your instructor will teach you how to tap into your parental instincts to keep your little one feeling their best. This class is CPR-certified. They offer Pediatric and Adult CPR Certification Courses that will empower you to administer life-saving skills. There’s also a Comprehensive Babysitting Course with CPR Certification that was developed for caregivers starting at the age of 13. 

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If you’re expecting a baby, you’ll love Nested LLC Childbirth Education Class. This in-person course was created to prepare you for delivery and the postpartum stage. You’ll learn how to recognize the signs of labor as well as the different stages and coping mechanisms. So you’ll know what to expect from your caregiver team throughout your hospital stay. You’ll also find out about potential postpartum mood disorders as well as pelvic floor health. 

Nested LLC

At Nested LLC, you can work with a team of experts dedicated to preparing your family for every situation. Check out their class schedule today so you can face parenthood with total confidence! 

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