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One thing you’ll hear again and again throughout your pregnancy is how beneficial breastfeeding is. Everybody from the nurses at the OB office to your mother-in-law’s third cousin tends to use your cute baby bump as a chance to extol its virtues. While breastfeeding is a fabulous choice, it can be extremely overwhelming when you just can’t get the hang of it. All of a sudden, all those well-meaning strangers become the voices in the back of your head, taunting you at every struggle-filled feeding. If you need a little extra assistance with breastfeeding, I would love to tell you all about The Lactation Room. This compassionate center is here to give you the help you need when you need it. 

About The Lactation Room

3859 Plaza Drive 

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

The Lactation Room is a practice that was started by Sarah Early in 2014. Sarah is a family nurse practitioner as well as an internationally board-certified lactation consultant. Since she started her career, Sarah has been primarily concerned with providing the families in the community with the assistance they need. The Lactation Room now has locations all across the greater DC area, including one in Fairfax. These days, Sarah is joined by a large number of fellow IBCLCs who are equally as dedicated to giving families access to resources. The office accepts most major insurance plans and will help you get reimbursement if your plan is out-of-network. 

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The Lactation Room provides lactation assistance both during pregnancy and following delivery. Before your due date, they’ll give you a premium education so you can tackle those early feedings with total confidence. They’ll go over what to expect and tell you about common breastfeeding issues so you can be prepared should they arise. Following delivery, they’re there for emergency assistance. During these appointments, they’ll go over your health history, perform an assessment of your breasts, and evaluate a feeding. The office will assist with nearly every issue, including tongue tie. They’ll help you create a realistic plan for success so you can be on the right path. 

A newborn baby plays and rolls in a crib by herself after getting help from the lactation room


The Lactation Room provides classes that will teach you everything you need to know about nursing. They offer both individual and small group classes at the Mount Airy office location (1 Park Avenue, Suite 1B in Mount Airy, Maryland). They encourage you to bring along one support person as you go through a class tailored to your unique needs. 

The office is here to support you when it comes to pumping. They offer personalized back-to-work plans as well as flange fittings. 

The Lactation Room

Problems with breastfeeding are far more common than you might think. With The Lactation Room, you’ll be connected to compassionate lactation consultants dedicated to supporting you on your nursing journey. 

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