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Everyone deserves to have the birth story that’s best for them. While many people are absolutely fine with hospital births, for others, it’s less than ideal. Hospital births have a reputation for being chaotic and loud. And while they tend to give you plenty of amenities, you’re stuck away from your comfortable home for several days while dealing with the constant stream of interruptions. If you’re looking for an option outside the hospital, let me tell you about Safe Haven Midwifery. This wonderful practice is dedicated to providing expectant parents with an empowering home birth experience. 

About Safe Haven Midwifery

6225 Brandon Ave. Suite 175

Springfield, Virginia 22150

Safe Haven Midwifery is a practice that Casey Morrow, an experienced midwife, opened. Casey started her journey into the birth world in 2010 when she began to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She began to focus specifically on labor and delivery and completed her Master’s in 2017. Following college, Casey worked in a freestanding birth center before assisting at a hospital where she helped providers with both high- and low-risk pregnancies. 

Through her experience, she has come to believe that where a parent gives birth should be a decision left entirely up to them. She now works to educate women so they can choose their ideal birthplace. Casey serves the Northern Virginia area within a 20-mile radius of Arlington.  

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Casey offers care starting at the beginning of your pregnancy. She prioritizes creating a calming atmosphere where you’ll never feel rushed through your appointments. For 30-60 minutes, she’ll check on your progress, address any concerns, and make sure you’re educated on your pregnancy. Casey can perform lab work, complete ultrasounds, and prescribe necessary medications. As your due date nears, she’ll work with you to create a birth plan and ensure your space is ready to make it a reality! 

She goes on call 24/7 after you reach the 37th week of pregnancy. The second labor starts, she’ll be on her way and will not leave your side until the hours following delivery. You’ll be free to move around your house and labor in whatever way works for you. She always carries IV fluids, antibiotics, and medication if needed. Once your baby arrives, she’ll ensure you’re on the road to recovery before she leaves. You’ll have several postpartum visits so she can check your progress.  

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While Casey specializes in home births, she’s also there for a holistic approach to women’s care. Following your postpartum recovery, you can see her for well-woman visits, breast exams, pap smears, and lab work. She also has access to several gynecologists and can provide you with a referral should you need additional care. 

Safe Haven Midwifery

With Casey Morrow at Safe Haven Midwifery, you can have the home birth experience you’ve always wanted! Check her out today for an alternative approach to delivery. 

While you’re making your birth plans, make sure you schedule some pictures! As a mom myself, I know how quickly the newborn stage flies by. I want to ensure you have gorgeous pictures to remember these precious months forever. If you’ve been looking for the right photographer for your family, I would love to chat so you can decide if I’m the one for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started!

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