Adventures & Things to Do in Fairfax This Weekend With Your Kids!

A mother and father sit in a tulip garden while kissing their two sons things to do in fairfax

It’s probably no surprise to you that kids are restless! They’re constantly seeking something new and exciting to shake up the routine. And while spending a day with your child can be a blast, it can be tricky to constantly try to find places you’re positive your child will love. As a Northern Virginia photographer and a mom, I constantly get to chat with parents and hear all about places their families have come to love. If you’ve been looking for something fun to do with your child, I’d love to tell you about the very best things to do in Fairfax

8 Things to Do in Fairfax – Bring the Whole Family in On the Fun

A mother and father walk their toddler son by holding his hands through a red tulip garden things to do in fairfax

Frying Pan Farm Park

If you have a little historian on your hands, you need to check out Frying Pan Farm Park. This interactive area shows your family what farm life looked like from 1920-1950. The park features historical educators who love bringing the past to life! Beyond history, this farm is full of activities the entire family will love. From carousel and wagon rides to animal demonstrations, you can fill the entire day with endless fun. The farm has many events for grown-ups, including yoga classes and evening tours. You can visit them at 2709 West Ox Rd in Herndon.

Cox Farms

From early spring to mid-fall, Cox Farms is the ideal place to spend your weekend. This local farm features a market where you can walk around and buy produce and flowers. Cox Farms has a giant play area with adorable animals, bubble chases, oversized board games, and a huge chair for photo opportunities. During the fall, the farm becomes particularly fun. They host an annual Fall Festival with big slides, corn mazes, hayrides, live music, and milking demonstrations. The farms also sell Christmas trees during the holiday season, and host haunted corn mazes during Halloween. You can find Cox Farms at 15621 Braddock Rd in Centreville.

A young boy hugs his toddler brother as they adventure in a large flower garden things to do in fairfax


One of my favorite ways to have a day worth remembering is to make it extra sweet! The Bakeshop is here to do exactly that. The Arlington bakery started in 2010 before expanding to two additional locations. While Bakeshop has cakes big enough for the grandest birthday parties, they have plenty of individual desserts, so no one in the family has to share! The bakery sells cupcakes, macarons, cookies, brownies, and more. Bakeshop has a large selection of vegan and gluten-free goods. Because their menu is constantly rotating, you can always count on trying something brand new each visit. You can check them out at 1025 N. Fillmore St. in Arlington.

Children’s Science Center

Children’s Science Center is an interactive space that strives to engage your child’s sense of curiosity. The center has thrilling STEM-related activities your child will remember for years! You can check out a rotating list of events, including Shark Month and climate exploration. The center hosts regular themed week-long and single-day summer camps in their lab. They also let you host unforgettable birthday parties for your little scientist. Throughout the month, they’ll have evening family nights and preschool programs. Your family can visit the center at 11948 Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax.

A family of four play and pick flowers in a large tulip farm

Luv 2 Play

If you’re looking for the ideal activity for those rainy days, Luv 2 Play will be your new favorite place. This indoor playground has several different areas for children aged 0-12. The center has been thoughtfully laid out with designated infant areas, so you don’t have to worry about middle schoolers bouncing around your crawling infant. Your child can get out all their energy on the soft equipment while you can sit back and relax. The playground has a relaxing area with TVs as well as a café. Check them out at 11750 Fairfax Oaks Mall.

Fairfax Splash Pad

Fairfax Splash Pad is a fabulous place for those blazing Virginia summers! Located in Old Town Square, the splash pad has several fountains your child will adore splashing through when the weather gets too hot to function. The fountains light up in the evening for added fun! The splash pad is enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about losing sight of your child. There’s also plenty of space to stand back so you don’t get splashed. The city recommends that your child wear water shoes since the concrete gets slightly slippery. Grab a towel and check them out at 10415 North Street in Fairfax.

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Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole

If you’re really in the mood to splash around, Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole is the place for you! This water park is designed for elementary-aged kids. It has shallow pools with fountains, large waterslides, lazy rivers, and swimming pools. The park has regular sensory-friendly times where people with disabilities and their families can have time to play without getting too overwhelmed. Water Mine even keeps your canine in mind with their yearly Dog Daze, where your puppy can come out and splash around. The Swimmin’ Hole resides at 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr. in Reston.


Kidmode is an excellent place for kids who love a challenge. This escape room is designed specifically for younger participants to have an adventure suited to their age group. The rooms let you host between 4-10 children ages 7-14 to solve a mystery. They’ll receive a checklist and an hour to work through puzzles and clues until they can break out of the room. Kidmode is beginner-friendly and will ensure your child has all the information they need to have a great time. You can check out Kidmode in Escapology at 4211 Fairfax Cor Ave E #230 in Fairfax.

A young boy kisses the nose of his toddler brother while in a flower garden

Things to Do in Fairfax

Having to plan brand-new things for your child can be pretty exhausting. Still, with all these things to do in Fairfax, I’m positive you can fill your schedule with thrilling activities that will keep the whole family happy! 

If you found this list helpful, you might like sticking around here for a bit! I love connecting with parents and sharing content they’ll find useful. Additionally, I know from experience this season can be chaotic, and I want to help you find ways to relax and enjoy it! I plan laid-back photo sessions to ensure you can have gorgeous memories you can hang onto for years. If you’ve considered booking pictures for your family, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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